Let missed moments be a thing of the past.  90% of moderate to severe acne sufferers said having clear skin would change the way they live their life!  2 out of 3 moderate to severe acne sufferers wish they could relive moments they missed due to acne.

Introducing AviClear, the first FDA-cleared laser treatment that specifically targets the source of acne – the oils on your skin. Achieve lasting results in three 30-minute treatment sessions with no downtime, no prescriptions, and no harmful side effects.


AviClear treats active acne and helps prevent future acne by suppressing the sebaceous glands.


AviClear is safe for all skin types, tones, and acne severities, and is free of harmful side effects and chemicals.


AviClear is designed with AviCool contact cooling technology that allows for a safe and comfortable treatment experience.


AviClear treatments are convenient and fit into the busiest of schedules.  Each treatment session should last approximately 30 minutes.

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